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Sport & Movement Science Laboratory

Research Facilities within the Department of Kinesiology are currently undergoing a considerable redesign with the addition of the Sport & Movement Science Laboratory. 

The Sport & Movement Science Laboratory is a new, approximately 2000 sq. ft. research and teaching space within 
the Department of Kinesiology at Louisiana Tech University. With an anticipated completion of Spring 2014, the SMSL will provide University faculty and students with the premier facility in North Louisiana for sport performance and clinical movement analyses. Furthermore, the space will provide opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations in fields such as Strength & Conditioning, Sport Performance, Motor Skill Acquisition, Ergonomics, and Gait Analysis. Likewise, the space will provide extensive opportunities for Community and Coaching outreach, through anticipated programs such as Walking/ Running Analyses, Sport Technique Analyses, Metabolic & Body Composition Testing, Coaching Clinics, and Tactical (Police & Fire) Fitness Assessments. 

Upon completion, it is anticipated the Sport & Movement Science Laboratory will contain a dedicated office space for lab personnel and graduate assistants, six (6) full-time computer work stations for graduate and undergraduate, dual lifting platforms, 67' foot runway for overground walking/ running analyses, Drop-down batting cage for pitching and hitting analyses, Projector and portable seating for clinics, and dedicated in-house storage,future

Video Gallery: 1. Vertical Jump
                                  2.Back Leg Lift Dynamometer