Department of Kinesiology 
Applied Physiology Laboratory 
Sport & Movement Science Laboratory 

Clinical & Performance Assessment Services 

Specialty rates for all services can be provided for groups of three or more people or athletic teams. For more information or to schedule a service, please contact Mr. Vishesh Singh or 318.257.2148.

Performance Training or Clinical Exercise Prescription Programs*
$240 per month, minimum three month commitment**
  • Needs analysis based on past training, current physiological state, sport specific needs, and goals for the upcoming period. 
  • Includes a comprehensive program design consisting of aerobic, anaerobic, plyometric, sport technique, flexibility, torso/ trunk, agility, footwear, and resistance training that is uniquely designed for each athlete. 
  • Also includes pre and post strength assessments, body composition testing, and functional movement assessment, range-of-motion analyses. 
*On-site individual or group training sessions can be arranged for an additional fee. 
**Customized and individualized programs for a group or team setting may also be provided for an additional fee.

Supervised Training Sessions 
$40 – $90 per hour 
  • Individual or group training sessions at Scotty Robertson Memorial Gymnasium. Prices vary depending on the number of individuals and chosen Performance Coach. 

VO2 Max Testing
  • Includes a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s VO2 max during running or VO2 peak during cycling. 
  • Depending on an individual’s specific needs: 
    • Utilizes a standard metabolic cart for computerized assessment or field based assessment for anaerobic dominant sports 
Maximum Power, Strength, & Muscular Endurance Testing
  • Maximum strength or muscular endurance assessments of any five (5) of the following exercises: 
    • Power clean, power snatch, clean & jerk, push jerk, push press, back squat, front squat, bench press, bent-over row, clean-grip or snatch grip deadlift, inverted row, pull-up, push-ups, bodyweight squats, abdominal exercises, handgrip dynamometry, vertical jump, and broad jump.
  • May also utilize clinical based isokinetic dynamometry when necessary.
  • All sessions will be performed under the guidance of a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). 
  • Normative values in relation to the athlete’s performance can also be provided.

Electronic Sprint Timing

  • Utilizing a Brower electronic timing system, which can allow for extremely accurate timing as well splits at numerous distances. 

Flexibility/Range-of-Motion Analyses

  • Standard goniometer and flexibility testing for the major joints of the body. 
Body Composition Analysis & Girth Analyses
  • Multi-site body caliper and/or circumference measurement and/or electronic body composition/ hydration status utilizing the InBody 720.