The Applied Physiology Laboratory (APL), Minds in Motion laboratory (MiML), Strength lab& weight Room, and Sport & Movement Science Laboratory (SMSL), are Four research and teaching laboratory spaces within the Department of Kinesiology at Louisiana Tech University. These four laboratories are collectively known as Human Performance Laboratories (HPL). The purpose of these laboratories is to educate and investigate factors contributing to improvements in human performance across the lifespan and a reduction in injury rates during training, competition, and activities of daily living.

Faculty within the Department of Kinesiology are actively involved in ongoing projects within the space, including Department Chair Dr. David Szymanski, Dr. Jordan Blazo, Dr. Drew Parks, Dr. Mu Qiao,  Dr. Reichter, Dr. Xu, and Mr. Vishesh Singh. Other Department of Kinesiology faculties are also associated with research within the ongoing research projects within the department and laboratory spaces. 

Recent News:

July 8-9, 2022

Department of Kinesiology at Louisiana Tech University presented a total of 3 posters at the NSCA national conference 2022. Please click on the following link to see the Posters:

“Anthropometric and physical performance relationships to fastball velocities in collegiate baseball pitchers": Presented by Mr. Myles Fish

Differences in jump characteristics related to elbow varus torque among Division I collegiate pitchers”: Presented by Dr. Mu Qiao 

Dec. 17th 2021 Department of Kinesiology completed second phase of data collection for Baseball research study. This study has started in Fall 2019. Click here for details 

Department of Kinesiology at Louisiana Tech University presented a total of 4 posters at NSCA national conference 2021. Please click on the following link to see the Posters:


May 28th 2021 Recently, two of our Kinesiology graduate students, Motoki Sakurai and Ryan Lis, in the Sports Performance master’s concentration completed their master’s thesis under the direction of Dr. David Szymanski, Dr. Mu Qiao, and Dr. Ryan Crotin. Motoki’s thesis is titled “Relationship between kinetics of countermovement jump and proximal mechanics of collegiate baseball pitching.” Use the link below to hear Motoki present his study findings.

Zoom Link Passcode = 5hU#$JsN 

Ryan’s thesis is titled “Relationship between jump tests and their influence on multidirectional ground-reaction forces in baseball pitchers.” Use the link below to hear Ryan present his study findings.

Click here 

May 24th   Dr. Ryan Crotin now serves as a Research Associate and Adjunct Thesis Advisor for the Department of Kinesiology’s master’s concentration in Sports Performance. To read more about Dr. Crotin Please click here .

Dr. Crotin co-authored a study with Dr. Dan Ramsey titled “Stride length impacts sagittal knee biomechanics in flat ground baseball pitching.” Interested individuals can use the link below to hear the presentation given by Dr. Ramsey at the 21st Biennial Meeting for the Canadian Society for Biomechanics. Presentation 

Coronavirus and Youth sports:  read  Dr. Blazo's most recent research article about "Parents grow more worried about their child returning to sports".  (July 14th 2020)

July 9th 2020, Department of Kinesiology at Louisiana Tech University presented 2 posters at NSCA national conference 2020.Please click on following link for more information.

Department of Kinesiology began a Baseball research study  focusing on different physiological and anthropometric characteristics of Division I college baseball players. Click Here For Details

Craig Kramer, the VP of Business Development at NCS America, visited Department of Kinesiology at Louisiana Tech University to collect Pilot data using "ShowMotion". "ShowMotion" is an equipment which track scapular motion in all three plane during shoulder movement. Learn More

Dr. Blazo has recently been named the 'Reviewer of the Year’ for the journal Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly.

Dr. Mu Qiao has been recognized as outstanding contributions to review the manuscripts submitted to the Journal of Theoretical Biology. The Journal of Theoretical Biology is a peer-reviewed high impact journal covering theoretical, mathematical, computational and statistical aspects of biology.

HPL has recently added COSMED K5 unit (Portatable Metabolic device). K5 is one of the most advanced technology available in market to measure metabolic parameters.Click Here for details