Former Graduate Assistants

Below is a list of former Graduate Assistants and their Most Recent Positions:

Recent Graduate Students in Doctoral Program

2021 Beau Hains: University of North Carolina (Exercise Physiology)

2021 Motoki Sakurai: University of Oregon (Biomechanics)

2021 Ryan Lis: East Tennessee State University (Sport Physiology)

2020 Melissa Uftring: Oklahoma State University (Exercise Science)

2020 Zach Voss: Baylor University (Physical Therapy School)

2018 Josh Gills: University of Arkansas (Exercise Science)

2018 HoCheng Lu: Texas Tech University (Biomechanics)

Former Graduate Students Working in Professional Athletics

2021-present Alexa Garcia: Minor League Strength and Conditioning Coach (Baltimore Orioles)

2021-present Devin Cloud: United States Speed Skating

2019-present Kourtney Jones: Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor; ProHealth Fitness, Assistant Track & Field, Strength and Conditioning Coach; Mobile Parks & Recreational

2019-present Jeff Albert: Major League Hitting Coach (St. Louis Cardinals)

2019-present Erik Beiser: Minor League Strength & Conditioning Coach (New York Mets)

2017-2018 Jeff Albert: Major League Assistant Hitting Coach (Houston Astros)

2018 Erik Beiser: Major League Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coordinator (Minnesota Twins)

2013-2017 Erik Beiser: Minor League Strength and Conditioning Coordinator (Minnesota Twins)

2014 Zach Voss: Fort Myers Miracle (Minnesota Twins)

2013 & 2014 Tyler Donahue: New Britain Rock Cats (Minnesota Twins)

2013 Zach Voss: Elizabethton Twins (Minnesota Twins)

2012-2016 Jeff Albert: Roving Hitting Instructor (Houston Astros)

2012 Erik Beiser: Rochester Red Wings (Minnesota Twins)

2012 Benn Fairbanks: Elizabethton Twins (Minnesota Twins)

2012 Tyler Donahue: Gulf Coast Cardinals (St. Louis Cardinals)

2011 Erik Beiser: Fort Myers Miracles (Minnesota Twins)

2011 David Accardo: Rochester Red Wings (Minnesota Twins)

2011 Barrett Stover: Big League Spring Training Camp (Washington Nationals)

2010 Barrett Stover: Durham Bulls (Tampa Bay Rays)

2009-2012 Jeff Albert: Palm Beach Cardinals (St. Louis Cardinals)

Other Graduate Students in Professional Positions

2021- Present Alex Ziepke: PT Technician/Head Strength and Conditioning Coach; Johnson Physical Therapy

2020- present Beau Hains: Director of Team Training, Athletic Lab

2020-present Tyler Donahue: Assistant Professor, University of Southern Mississippi

2018-present Barrett Stover: Owner, Revolution Sports Performance

2016 –Present Dan Weeks: Certified Exercise Physiologist at Affinity Health Group, Monroe, LA

*If you are a former GA and would like to be added to this list, or simply update your information, please contact Mr. Vishesh Singh.