Human Performance Laboratories & Equipment

Human Performance Laboratories in the Department of kinesiology consist of 4 lab spaces, dedicated to research and teaching purpose. These spaces are Applied Physiology Lab, Minds in motion lab, Sport and Movement science lab, and Strength Lab & weight room. The equipment present in these labs help us to understand and analyze human movements and the factors affecting their performance.

The Human Performance Laboratories currently have a considerable amount of equipment available for research and Human performance analyses. Below are the highlights of our current capabilities.


Applied Physiology Lab

The Applied Physiology lab is another research and teaching space within the department of Kinesiology at Louisiana Tech University. APL provides opportunities for University faculty and students to analyze the physiological aspect of sports performance.

COSMED K5 Portable Gas Analyzer

Velotron Cycle Ergometer

Metabolic Cart (COSMED)

Biodex Isokinetic Dynamometer

1 Woodway Treadmill & 3 Free Motion i7.9 Incline Trainer

BIA Devices: INBODY 770, INBODY 720, and TANITA

Monark Cycle Ergometers

Minds in Motion laboratory

The Minds in Motion Lab (MiML) works to understand how sports and physical activity can enhance youth experiences through novel research, high-quality teaching, and engaging community outreach. The MiML aims to support graduate and undergraduate students through research, educational, and service-related mentoring opportunities. Designed to provide a state-of-the-art interdisciplinary environment focused on fostering and encouraging innovative and original endeavors that bring awareness to the importance of physical activity for developing minds and healthy relationships in youth and across the lifespan.

Sport and Movement Science Lab

The Sport & Movement Science Laboratory is a new, approximately 2000 sq. ft. research and teaching space within the Department of Kinesiology at Louisiana Tech University. SMSL provides University faculty and students with the premier facility in North Louisiana for sports performance and clinical movement analyses. Furthermore, the space also provides opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations in fields such as Strength & Conditioning, Sports Performance, Motor Skill Acquisition, Ergonomics, and Gait Analysis. Likewise, the space will provide extensive opportunities for Community and Coaching outreach through anticipated programs such as Walking/ Running Analyses, Sports Technique Analyses, Coaching Clinics, and Tactical (Police & Fire) Fitness Assessments. Sport & Movement Science Laboratory contains dedicated office space for lab personnel and graduate assistants, six (6) full-time computer work stations for graduate and undergraduate, 67' foot runway for overground walking/ running analyses.

Qualisys 12 Camera 3D motion Capture System with 2 Bertec Force plates

Biometric Wireless Goniometer and EMG set

Optogait 10 m system (Microgate)

AMTI OR6 Ground Reaction Force Platform

3 Innovation System MaxTRAX 2D Motion Capture Analysis License

Tekscan SBmat (Pressure sensing Mat)

4-Channel BIOPac tethered electromyography

2 Pasco Force platforms

1 Jump Mat

Strength Lab and Weight Room

The Strength Lab and Weight Room (SLWR) is a 2,000 sq. ft. research and teaching space within the Department of Kinesiology. The SLWR provides university faculty and students with a wide range of resistance training equipment that can be used for testing and training. The SLWR is used for teaching kinesiology courses in personal training and strength and conditioning, teaching weight training activity classes, and training the Louisiana Tech University Baseball team.

1 Free Motion i7.9 Incline Treadmill

4 Power Racks

4 Squat Racks

4 Bench Press stations

4 sets of Power Blocks

Various Resistance Training machines for lower and upper body

2 Multi-station resistance training towers

6 sets of high-density foam plyoboxes

4 Sorinex trap bars

4 Sorinex multi-grip bars

Others Equipment in HPL

12 Microsoft Surface 4 pro tablets

Brower Timing Devices

Polar heart rate monitors ( H7 and H10 models)

Lactate Plus Analyzer

Werksan Olympic Lifting weight set

Vertec- Vertical Jump tester

Back Leg lift Dynamometer

JAMAR Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer

Lange Skinfold caliper


Blood Pressure Cuffs

Sit and Reach Boxes

SciFit Equipment

Stability Platform

Reaction Time device

Standard Mirror tracer

Automatic scoring Mirror tracer

Two-arm coordination test

Linear movement Apparatus

Bassin anticipation timer